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Liverpool Biennial – 27 September e-newsletter

Biennial Wednesdays

Wednesdays will not be the same during the 10 weeks of the Biennial.  Every week, the artists of the Cátedra Arte De Conducta and Tania Bruguera will stage a reinvention of one of Allan Kaprow’s Happenings.  These will be held at 52 Renshaw Street from 4-6pm.  The reinventions will continue throughout the week, so to keep updated on what will be happening where, join the Facebook Group .  For six out of the ten weeks, after these reinventions, we will present a Touched Talk at 52 Renshaw Street at 6:30.  The dates and speakers of these are below.  The first Touched Talk of the Festival, Zia Sardar (viewable here), has already happened and was completely booked.  Book in advance to avoid disappointment.  Allan Kaprow’s reinventions, on the otherhand, require no booking.

29 September – Ed Baxter  – Whistle in the Dark

20 October – Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi  – Acceleration of the Infosphere, psychopathology and the ambiguity of therapy

27 October – AbdouMaliq Simone

3 November – Nina Power  – The Wound of Work

17 November – Simon Critchley  – Fireflies

This Week’s Events

29 September – e-space co-lab International – Art in the Cities and X-positions (booking required)
29 September – Touched Talk – Ed Baxter – Whistle in the Dark (booking required)

2 October – Liverpool Artists’ Book Fair 2010 (no booking required)
3 October – EarlySundays Tour with Samantha Jones (booking required)

Advance booking events coming up in October:

7 October – City Limits – Sky Arts Artichoke Salon Series hosted by Tate Liverpool in the Williamson Tunnels

9 October – Innovation – The Pervasive Live Action Game – 10am-10pm, city centre

Suggested Tours PDF

A number of people have been expressing their frustration that with so much to see, it would be wonderful if there were a few suggested itineraries. So, that’s what we have done. Follow the link to the Suggested Tours pdf and see what we think you can focus on, if you only have a half day, day or weekend spare, or want to look for particular kinds of art.

The Independent Reviews Touched and the Cooperative

The Independent is our official media partner.  Here is the review they have written on the first visit to Liverpool Biennial 2010.  If you want to see all the pieces Michael Glover writes about, be sure to download our festival map or pick up a free one in any of the main venues.

The Independent also wrote a review of the audio tours that Mercy have created as part of the Cooperative, which is a component of the Liverpool Biennial Festival.  They are located just a few metres down from the Visitor Centre on Renshaw Street (they are number 28-32) and are open from 1-7pm Wednesday-Sunday during the 10 weeks of the Festival.

2002 Biennial artist, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

If you happen to be in Manchester, make sure you see the new exhibition by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Recorders at Manchester City Art Gallery. Recorders includes world premieres of two specially commissioned electronic works. The exhibition runs until 30 January. Rafael was commissioned for the International show at the 2002 Biennial.

Thanks from the Biennial team.