Liverpool Biennial 12 October e-newsletter

Innovasion – Were you fooled?

If you were in Liverpool City Centre on Saturday you would have seen some very strange things.  Groups of people seeming to be speaking in codes, talking about clues and furiously flipping through Festival Guides.  Official looking people dressed in red and black suits, hosting public conferences about how they can control your creativity.  Dancing, singing, mock-kidnapping.

But if you were part of Innovasion you would have had a bit more of a notion what was going on.  Our Alternate Realtiy Game was played in streets by people who had booked a place.  Hope Street Ltd. acted out a narrative, created by live gaming duo Karsten and Larson.  The game started online, where fake websites, facebook pages, and twitter accounts were created.  It seems we fooled quite a few people who thought these were real companies and groups.  But, it was all in good fun and gave the game a different, modern dimention.  Click to view a video interview with Hope Street Ltd’s Adam McGuigan with clips from the game and photos of the event.

Were you fooled?  Fake Accounts:

Creative Control (the baddies) : Twitter, Website, Facebook

Wolf Crew (the goodies) : Blog, Stop Little Red Riding Hood Facebook, YouTube, Facebook

For a player’s perspective, read Mycroft Milverton’s blog entry on his experiences playing the game.

Upcoming Tours and Talks

We’ve got some fantastic events coming up, some of which are already sold out.  They require advance booking but are all FREE.  Make the most of your visit to the Biennial by attending an event below, downloading our Suggested Tours, picking up a map, and (if you have an iPhone) downloading our app.

Saturday 16 October and 23 October: Art Mediator Tours | Hannah Pierce

Sunday 17 October: EarlySundays Tour with Jonathon Hering and aPAtT

Sunday 17 October, 30, and 31 October Art Mediator Tours | Neil Winterburn

Wednesday 20 October: Touched Talk – Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi – Acceleration of the Infosphere, psychopathology and the ambiguity of therapy

Sunday 24 October: EarlySundays Tour with Biennial Curator Frances LoefflerArt Mediator Tours | Sophie Bower

Wednesday 27 October: Touched Talk – AbdouMaliq Simone – Making an Urban Majority

Saturday 30 October: The Marx Lounge in Conversation – Alfredo Jaar with David Harvey and WHW ALMOST SOLD OUT

Sunday 31 October: EarlySundays Tour with Jonathan Raisin

CityStates – an Exhibition on the Edge

<CityStates> is a new collaboration for the 2010 Biennial Festival located in the Contemporary Urban Centre. This Grade II listed warehouse has been converted to be a vibrant cultural and community centre at the heart of the Baltic Triangle, including a restaurant, café, bar, cinema, conference facilities and performance and gallery space –  providing an ideal context in which to show contemporary art.

<CityStates> is an exhibition focused on life in cities around the world. The greatest challenges faced by humanity are in the cities, where the majority of the population now lives. City-to-city learning is the quickest and most effective way of addressing these challenges. <CityStates> consists of a cluster of seven international exhibitions, initiated and wholly supported by embassies, foreign governments, international agencies or galleries, that explore the cultural dynamics between cities and states.  Participating programmes: Future Movements | Jerusalem, City Without Walls | Vilnius , Three Moments | The Caribbean, The Nordic Pavilion, Tactful Rituals | Québec City, Media Landscape – Zone East, They – Karl-Heinz Klopf

Visit at:

41-51 Greenland Street, Liverpool L1 0BS

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm, Sunday 11am-4pm.


There is still time to become a Biennial Volunteer Information Assistant.  Please download and fill in a form, or if you have more questions you’d like to ask about, say, hours, responsibilities, etc., come to on of our volunteer drop in sessions.  Friday 15 & 22 October, 2pm, the Visitor Centre.  Or for a more immediate response, please email

Your Feedback

We have many ways to collect feedback from your impressions of the Festival.  You can tweet us on Twitter or use the hashtag #Biennial.  Upload your photos and comment on onto our Facebook Page. Take a look at our photos on Flickr and our videos on Vimeo and on YouTube .  If you have a strong impression on a certain peice of artwork, why not let us and others know your opinions by commenting on our website.  Any personal enquiries can always be made to or by ringing the Visitor Centre on 0845 220 2800.  Finally, in the Visitor Centre you can write on our comment board as you see in the image to the left.

Liverpool Biennial Festival runs until 28 November – still lots of time to come for another visit.  All venues are free, so bring your friends and family and have some great discussions about contemporary art!