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Word Is They Say – Update

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Update – From Amanda DeAngeles

To Story-lovers,
Have you finished writing your novel, play or autobiography? Are you a local (or locally-based) writer, and is your work unpublished or self-published?

Do you want people to hear your written words? Are you willing to speak-up for yourself?

Word Is They Say . . . everyone has a book in them. Why not tell your story?

Contact me by January 20 2007 if you wish to take part in the first WORD IS THEY SAY . . . (January 2007)

Please tell me your book title, length in words/pages, subject and if it’s fiction or non-fiction. I need to know this so I can arrange for the reading to take place at a suitable location.
Have you had it published or printed yet, either in paper or online? If not, is it ready for publication?

If you don’t wish to read it out personally you may arrange for another reader, but you must be present at the event.

Feel free to pass this information to other writers. (No poetry, short-fiction or short essays, please).

Audio recordings are likely and local media will be invited to the readings, which will take place at several city-centre locations.

WORD IS THEY SAY January 2007

see for more about me

Musicians will be invited to close each session. I will tell you more soon.
Tel/Fax 0151 280 3163
Mobile 07854 211 984