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Kazuo Ishiguro at Hope University – June 2 2007

ishiguro.jpg Kazuo Ishiguro and The International Novel:
A One-day Conference

Saturday 2nd June, 2007
The Cornerstone, Everton
Liverpool Hope University (UK)

Kazuo Ishiguro

Kazuo Ishiguro is one of the finest writers of his generation. Although primarily a novelist, he has also written short stories, television scripts and a screenplay. Ishiguro’s work explores issues of class, ethnicity, nationhood, place, and the functions of art itself. As a Japanese immigrant coming to Great Britain in 1960, Ishiguro has used his unique perspective to write international novels that contain ‘a vision of life that is of importance to people of varied backgrounds around the world.’ This diversity is underscored by the surreal masterpiece, The Unconsoled (1995), and his latest novel, Never Let Me Go (2005), a stunning affirmation of Ishiguro’s ability to investigate moral dilemmas without compromising the art of fiction.

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