Corridor8 Magazine – Art and the Supercity

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Issue 1:
Art and the SuperCity
Launched 16 July 2009

Exclusive commissions and new work by the UK’s leading artists and writers

Will Alsop & Peter Saville & Iain Sinclair & Jon Savage & Chris Petit & Paul Bradley & tenantspin & Paul Rooney & Isabel Nolan & Rory Macbeth & Bob Levene & Simon Le Ruez & Rachel Goodyear & Matthew Houlding & Freee & Linder

Corridor8, a new international annual contemporary visual art and writing magazine, launches in July.

Issue #1 takes as its central theme Will Alsop’s daring vision for the future of the North of England: his SuperCity — the vast urban corridor that proposes to unite cities and towns as disparate as Liverpool and Hull, extending overseas to Ireland in the West and Denmark in the East. Around this theme, Corridor8 commissions and features exclusive interviews with five visionary artists connected to the SuperCity and, between them, slots ‘flash’ profiles of some of the emerging artists living and working there.

Alongside a major literary commission from Sinclair, the annual contains a free limited edition art print from artist Rachel Goodyear, a poster by graphics icon Linder for Richard Nicholl’s autumn collection, and cover art by international artist Michelangelo Pistoletto — three new works acting as a fitting celebration for our inaugural issue.