LightNight 2014: Sound Battle

unnamed16 May 2014
17.45 – 23.00
For Light Night 2014, Liverpool creatives the Kazimier and the Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band will clash to create the Sound Battle. With heavy rhythmical drums and synth-mobile on one side, versus melodic brass and percussion on the other, the streets of Liverpool will come alive with stirring, audio-visual battles.
Clad in opposing pattern coded versions of dazzle camouflage which is synonymous with the First World War, the players will move in choreographed formations to create visual illusions and a dramatic soundscape. The performers instruments will also explore sound to light technology to produce a sensory, dazzling piece that will envelop the audience.
The Sound Battle performances last 10 minutes, and came be seen on LightNight at 17.45 on Church Street, 19.30 outside Tate Liverpool, 22.15 outside the Metropolitan Cathedral and 23.00 outside Liverpool Cathedral.
The FREE programme is online at or available from all participating venues.