JAR presents: Stepping Outside the Cube


17.00 – 22.00

The Kazimier

Part of Light Night 2014

JAR presents: ‘Stepping Outside the Cube’ on the exterior walls of The Kazimier on Wolstenholme Square

We are: Stacey Finley, Gregory Herbert, Sumuyya Khader, Christine Levis, Becky Peach, Hannah Louise Ryder and Danny Ryder.


We are an emerging Liverpool based art’s collective seeking to collaborate with others at the start of their creative careers and to explore different platforms in exhibiting work.

 In our debut exhibition we are stepping out of the conventional means of exhibiting and are breaking the boundaries of the ‘cube’ by exhibiting outside the cube. We want to engage more people with contemporary art and believe the best way to begin is to take it outside, bringing it to the attention of the general public.

As well as works exploring a wide range of two-dimensional media and subject matter, we will be collaborating with light artist Danny Ryder who will be adding that extra touch of light intervention to the night.