constellationofsigns-100SATURDAY 25 September 2010, 14.00 – 16.00 at Pennington Road Bridge, Bootle
Constellation Of Signs is a playful and thought-provoking art installation created for the Pennington Road Bridge in Bootle, along the route of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.

The work is made from 117 aluminium traffic and information signs mounted on the wall next to the bridge. Each sign represents a distilled version of one of over 300 memories and ideas about the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, gathered from the local community during our community workshops and activity days.

Come on down to Pennington Road Bridge for the official opening of the installation, along with other fun activities.
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Constellation of Signs has been developed by Re-Dock and artist Alan Dunn, in partnership with LinacreOne and the Art for Places project, NewHeartlands and Liverpool Biennial.

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