Just realised I forgot to mention my visit to the LOOP Gallery over a week ago!
Loop is a brand spanking new, cutting edge, state of the art(ha-ha) gallery for abstract art in Princes Dock. Its just a short walk North along the prom from the Pier Head so I went there after the Tate and ‘the Abba house’. The curators have done well to attract some big names to the very first exhibition which is called ‘Ten’. Ten Artists, Ten Paintings for Ten weeks. Not all the names were familiar to me but I recognise Terry Duffy, Maurice Cockrill, John Hoyland and Julie Jones. The work which seems to attract the most attention is by Jason Thompson, its painted on 2 pieces of wood which are hinged so you can (carefully) open it to reveal a second version of the picture thats on the front piece (hope that makes sense).
Although opening to coincide with the Biennial the gallery should continue and the pictures are for sale, they won’t be cheap so things must be looking up here if expensive art is being sold on a regular basis, don’t think thats happened on Merseyside for a long time.