bc_june2013_fb_400Sunday 15 September

20.00 – £5/ £3

Its back! First delivered in January 2000, one of the stand out performances of the Listening Room programme, a unique experience, with memorable haiku. Plus a play list from the remembered and missed Roger Parry.

It is a show, a presentation of events, incidents and accidents, involving pre-recorded improvised music, Haiku, and live music, finalised by a great moment in acoustic archaeology. One minute being the maximum length.

The live music is played by improvisers, who, guided by a human clock spend up to 1 minute improvising. Live improvised music often derives its aesthetic “in the moment” it occupies, likewise haiku has been described as a “Japanese poem recording the essence of a moment, keenly perceived “. Just a minute sets out to explore the tensions and opportunities created by presenting a time limit – a compositional instruction? – to the musicians.

The audience experience a jigsaw of over 100 episodes of music, words and soundscapes. Whether live or listening to the playback, we can all piece it together or leave it alone, in our own time and moments

The Listening Room -taking you to undiscovered places

Beth Wanono – guitar

Ian Simpson – electronics

Mark Hanslip – Saxophone

Phil Lucking – Trumpets

Phil Morton – Accidents & Treatments

Robin Hartwell – Sound

Mark Jones – Saxophone, flute

Roger Parry (late) – pre-recorded audio

Sarah Gatti – voice

Haiku – originally selected by Helen Robinson from range of contemporary writers,


Curator – Phil Morton & The listening Room


The Ship & Mitre, 133 Dale Street, Liverpool, L3 2JH