Independents-short-100 jason-jones-100John Lewis – between Presence and Absence
18 September – 18 October 2010

Liverpool born and nationally exhibited artist Jason Jones presents an installation of work within the furniture department of John Lewis, Liverpool One. The resonance between the presence and absence of an object void of visible human involvement is what informs these works.

Presenting recognisable classical objects of westernised domestic living in an isolated environment can invoke a generalised nostalgia around the object.

The lack of a visible functional role within this environment allows for an investigation into the transient nature of the objects purpose, diminished use, growing out of and discarding until its presence is no longer required. The size of the image is integral to the work’s narrative and in placing the finished pieces on the surfaces within a Furniture Department store contributes to the heightened awareness of the subject matter. It allows for consideration in an environment where the public would emotionally and rationally engage with the type of object depicted.

Exhibiting the images outside of a clinical gallery environment avoids the informed subjectivity imposed by a gallery’s professional practice; by reference text and the politics of gallery engagement governed by a designated exhibition space. Instead, the work moves its theoretical horizon into the realm of human interaction and social context.

A viewer can either engage with the work with no prior informed knowledge or context surrounding the objects, or to simply move on by. The role of artwork and viewer is therefore dependent on interaction and discovery.

Part of the Independents Liverpool Biennial strand.

Venue details
John Lewis
furniture department. Liverpool ONE

Jason Jones