Talent Development Manager, Manchester International Festival

Talent Development Manager, Manchester International Festival

  • 30th November 2016
  • Full time
  • Paid (£25k-30k)
  • David Fox recruitment@mif.co.uk

To apply for this role please visit our website – http://www.mif.co.uk/jobs/ – and follow the instructions carefully.

Background to the Post

Driven by the arrival of our new Artistic Director, John McGrath, and supported by a recent Ambition for Excellence award, MIF will – for its next Festival in 2017 – establish an exciting new presence for the Festival in the Public and Digital realms.  New commissions will see artists intervening in the daily life of the city in surprising new ways, as well as crafting and exploring new digital platforms and innovations with our media and technology partners.

We want to demonstrate that live public work on a truly ambitious scale can exist and excite in the digital realm, with global reach.  And as we develop this work we want to connect it to a growing community of local artists and practitioners interested in the interplay between live and digital arts, supporting new local learning and skills to help Manchester develop as a centre of talent and excellence in this arena for the future.

Learning and skills for this new programme will operate at several levels – organisationally for MIF and our creative and co-commissioning partners, individually for a range of freelancers, participants and community groups involved in the projects, and as a network of local practitioners sharing skills and knowledge.

Main Purpose of the Post

To lead on the development and successful delivery of new skills programmes supported by MIF’s recent Ambition for Excellence award – operating at organisational, individual and network level to research, commission, plan and deliver a range of creative skills development activities across the year.