Project Assistant – Bravo 22 Company, The Drive Project

Project Assistant – Bravo 22 Company, The Drive Project

Bravo 22 Company is a recovery through the arts programme, made possible by The Royal British Legion and The Drive Project.

Bravo 22 Company was created by Alice Driver, using theatre as a vehicle for recovery produced with the Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass
Trust, The Royal British Legion and Ministry of Defence in 2011. It brought together 30 wounded, injured and sick Service personnel to write,
produce and perform their own play, The Two Worlds of Charlie F written by Owen Sheers and directed by Stephen Rayne on a West End

The programme aims to give Service people and veterans new skills and experiences while improving confidence, self-awareness and
motivation to support an individual’s recovery and the transition into civilian life. The Bravo 22 Company delivers projects across the country
using theatre; working with regional theatres and has extended its programming to include art. So far, Bravo 22 Company has worked with over
350 WIS, veterans and their families using the arts to support their recovery and the work has been seen by over 40,000 live audience members.

We are running a 4-week art workshop, followed by a 2-week exhibition of the artwork in Liverpool in August/September and are looking for a part-time project assistant to join the team for this project. All applicants must be based in the Liverpool or surrounding areas, and able to work from home as well as in central Liverpool. The commitment is approximately 42 days at £80 per day from mid-June until the end of September.