Photographer or filmmaker Mantelpiece Project, Bolton Museum and Art Gallery

Bolton Museum is looking to commission a photographer/filmmaker to work on a project exploring the meaning people invest in domestic objects. The photographs/films produced for the project will form the centrepiece of an exhibition opening at Bolton Museum in May 2020.

For the project, you will photograph and/or film 6 households from the Bolton area, recording the objects they keep on their mantelpieces (or equivalent display surface in the home) and collect testimony from the households talking about those objects, their significance, how they acquired them, etc. This material will be of a quality suitable for use in the exhibition and for potential inclusion in the Museum’s permanent collection. The Museum will support you in this process including recruiting the households.

Using the material collected from people’s homes, you will produce a series of photographs, and some moving images (including film of households responding to questions about their objects), for exhibition in the Museum’s community gallery.

The project takes place from November 2019 – May 2020 and has a budget of up to £6,000 including professional fees for the photography/films/sound recording and post-production, along with some equipment costs for the exhibition.

Please contact Matthew Watson, Collections Access Officer, Bolton Museum, for a full creative brief for the project.  Email: