Lead Artist for Rossall Beach Commission, Rossall Community Group

Deadline: Friday 16 October 2015

We are looking for proposals from artists to create a temporary intervention in the Rossall Beach area of the Fylde coast in North West England, in the spring of 2016. The work will be commissioned by Rossall Beach Community Group, supported by LeftCoast.

We would like to commission an artist to work on the development of a new piece of work within the unique location of Rossall Beach. At this stage we are not being prescriptive about what form we see this commission taking, we are looking for proposals across all mediums, from sound and visual art to performance and theatre. Ultimately what we want is something that engages the people that live here in a creative conservation and highlights the beach to both local people and those outside of the area. The work will seek to celebrate this unique area of coast, explore its creative potential, engage a new audience and take inspiration from the community group who looks after this stretch of coast line.

The budget for the work is £16,200

A full brief and details of funding and project partners can be found at http://researchingrossall.blogspot.co.uk/