Immersive Performer, Bordello Theatre

Deadline: Friday 4 September 2015. Paid (£10k-15k pro rata) Part time


“It is only in the final stages of infection that we cease to be human” – Dr Sandra Ford, Director of Micro Biology, Pharmalie Industries

Bordello Theatre are seeking 12 performers to join us for a very special theatrical experience for Halloween 2015. Set in the immediate aftermath of a viral outbreak the production begins in a field hospital in Preston City Centre before transferring to a secret location for a multi layered journey through abandoned offices and secret laboratories. Show runs 26th – 31st October in Preston.

We are seeking 12 key performers to take the vital roles of:

Cypher Security Detail x 5 – These are elite security personnel who have been asigned to the survivors and tasked with getting their group to the extraction point. As a performative function you will be required to lead a group of audience through a set route while they encounter various sets and situations. You will have a great deal of experience in immersive work, good improvisation skills and be an exceptional performer.

Secret Roles x 5 -These roles are vital to the immersive nature of the production. You must have high levels of acting ability and be able to improvise freely and invisibly.

The Activist – This male single role acts as a transition character that gives the audience information about the story through a monologue and then through questioning and conversation.

Jamie – Jamie is a Lab Technician for Pharmalie Industries. This is a male or female character. Jamie has witnessed many disturbing things and as a result has been mentally scared. Jamie’s role is to advance the story by delivering a monologue and then through questioning and conversation.

These are paid roles.

Please contact Graham at Bordello for more information.