Freelance Opportunity: Lakeland Arts Photography brief 2016-17

Freelance Opportunity: Lakeland Arts

Lakeland Arts Photography brief 2016-17

Lakeland Arts manages three sites: Abbot Hall Art Gallery (AH) and The Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry (MOLLI) in Kendal, and Blackwell, the Arts & Crafts House (BW) in Bowness. The Windermere Jetty Museum of Boats, Steam and Stories (WJ) will open in Summer 2017 in Windermere.

Lakeland Arts is seeking to contract a photographer to work with us over the 12 months to capture a range of evocative and informative images of our annual programme. The images will be used in our marketing, publicity and on our website. The aim of this brief is to create a bank of high quality images that reflect the breadth of our programme, events, activities and the range and diversity of the visitors that engage with our venues.

Photo specification

When taken as a collection of images, the photo bank will encapsulate the following:

  • Photos will capture the people, gallery spaces and art work / museum collections
  • Exhibition galleries; a variety of shots in galleries, building shots, landscape, retail and café facilities including people in these spaces.
  • Paintings, museum objects must to be in focus.
  • People’s faces will be visible (no backs of heads).
  • When capturing activity, it will be clear that it is taking place in a gallery / museum / historic house setting.
  • Photos will capture a range of people in terms of age, sex and ethnicity as well as different combinations of people (in groups, families, couples, alone, inter-generational etc.)
  • People will be photographed actively engaging with art / museum collections in avariety of ways (not simply grinning and pointing at paintings).
  • Photos will capture the unique atmosphere, quality and character of the different sites while retaining an overarching ‘style, look and feel’ that is true to the Lakeland Arts brand.We envisage that the photographer will attend about 20 events / activities lasting between 1.5 and 2.5 hours throughout the year across all sites as follows:
  • 4 exhibition openings
  • 3 formal learning (schools) activities (BW, AH / MOLLI and WJ)
  • 4 family activity events (October Half term at MOLLI, Easter at AH, Museums at Night at BW, Summer Holidays)
  • 2 community /people living with Dementia activities (Kendal / Bowness)
  • 1 adult craft / making master-class (BW)
  • 2 young persons’ (16-24 year olds) events (AH / Jetty TBC)
  • 2 evening events with adults (ACE lecture, AH café launch? TBC)
  • Site shots including buildings and landscape in different seasons
  • 4 miscellaneous eventsTimetable:Contract runs from October 2016 – October 2017.
    Dates a briefs for each event will be supplied with at least two weeks’ notice; most dates will be supplied much further in advance.Following each event, contact sheets of all images to be supplied within three working days. LA contact (below) will make selection of 6-10 images for retouching. Final images to be supplied in high (print quality) and low resolution within 5 working days.

    We envisage that by year end, the photo bank will have between 150 – 200 quality images.

    Further details


    Photography permission forms will be provided for sessions / events involving children. These will to be returned to our LA marketing contact and should be easily cross-referenced with images.

    Photographer will be credited where images appear in our publicity.
    Lakeland Arts retains copyright and publishing rights of all images.
    Photographer may use images in their portfolio but not in public promotion without permission from LA.

    Budget – £5000+ VAT (including all expenses)

    Tendering process

    Please submit a proposal of no more than 4 sides outlining how you will deliver the commission together with a timetable, breakdown of costs, two referees and 10-12 examples from your portfolio (or a link to websites where this can be viewed) including work from similar commissions.

    Submit by noon on Monday 3 October 2016 to:
    Jennie Pitceathly, Head of Learning and Acting Head of Marketing