Freelance Evaluator: 2020 Vision, The Turnpike

Freelance Evaluator: 2020 Vision, The Turnpike

2020 Vision will build on The Turnpike’s Learning and Engagement programme by creating opportunities for young people from Wigan to commission, collaborate and create their own artwork with professional artists.

Core to the programme is the voice and vision of young people, who will be empowered to share their ideas, concerns, stories and ambitions through workshop activity and creative outcomes. Initially, 2020 Vision will be delivered through 9 artist commissions, selected and developed by children and young people in local schools and our extra-curricular programmes at The Turnpike. A tenth artist commission will support young people to curate the 2020 Vision festival and exhibition between June – September 2020.

The Turnpike is looking for a freelance Evaluator to help us effectively evaluate and understand the impact of the upcoming 2020 Vision project. The evaluation will capture the experiences and responses of the participants, artists, Turnpike staff, volunteers and exhibition visitors. Success will be measured against the project aims and objectives.

Using our proposed methodology the evaluator would be expected to:

  • design age-appropriate practical tools which enable young participants and the commissioned artists to monitor their own responses, reflections and learning
  • facilitate focus group workshops at an interim and end point.
  • conduct telephone interviews with commissioned artists to gather feedback.
  • analyse the data and feedback gathered through the evaluation processes to produce a final written report.

In particular we are looking for an Evaluator with a good understanding of, and interest in the arts along with demonstrable experience of designing and facilitating evaluations with young people. Some knowledge of the Arts Council’s Quality Principles is desirable.

The fee is £2500 for approximately 8-10 days between June 2019 and December 2020, payable in instalments upon receipt of invoices. The appointed evaluator will be self-employed and responsible for their own tax contributions

For a full brief with the Project Timeline please contact Hannah Gaunt, Learning and Engagement Manager: