Freelance Creative Facilitators, Starling

Freelance Creative Facilitators, Starling

Starling works with neurodivergent young people in Greater Manchester to provide engaging and empowering creative projects that develop positive identity and promote connections, conversations and creativity in the neurodivergent community.

We are looking to expand our pool of Freelance Creative Facilitators who will work with us to deliver creative workshops to neurodivergent young people aged 13-25. ‘Neurodivergent’ refers to those who experience and process the world in distinct and unique ways due to neurological differences including, but not limited to, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), ADHD, Autism, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Epilepsy, Learning Disability, Mental Health, Tourettes and Trauma.

Starling is looking to connect with socially engaged artists who are committed to using their creative practice to develop new ways of working with young people. We are open to all art forms but have a particular interest in creative facilitators working with technology (gaming, film-making, digital art, animation, coding, etc.) to engage participants.

We are looking for inspiring, reflective and passionate individuals who are able to work collaboratively with staff and young people to develop creative practice. We actively encourage applications from professionals identifying as neurodivergent, who have lived experience of neurodivergence and who are champions of neurodivergent culture. 

Workshops are due to be held in person, starting September 2020, at community venues in Greater Manchester. However, in the possibility of Lockdown, we may move sessions online. Applicants should consider this as a possibility when applying for the role.


Payment for each two-hour session will be £80. The number of sessions may vary, but we expect that each facilitator will deliver a minimum of 8 sessions, with scope to increase this dependent on funding.

To apply, send us a covering letter and CV to We also accept other formats: video or audio covering letters/CVs, portfolios or other evidence of creative work. We would just like to see what you can do and why you would like to work with us. Feel free to contact Katie if you have any questions or queries about the role.