Freelance Arts Award Adviser, Liverpool Learning Partnership

Freelance Arts Award Adviser, Liverpool Learning Partnership

This role is for a freelance, trained Arts Award Adviser with experience of involving young people in arts, cultural learning & Arts Award. You will work with between one and four schools (depending on your capacity), supporting the Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership Cultural Citizens programme 2019-20. This will target groups of 20 young people in four secondary schools (80 students altogether) with little or no prior arts and cultural engagement beyond school, who may experience social deprivation, cultural isolation and other disadvantages. The programme aims to give students the opportunity to progress in their arts learning, develop their talents and skills and achieve an Arts Award qualification by the end of the academic year.


  • Bronze Arts Award Adviser(s) for three schools – £1150 per school
  • Silver Arts Award Adviser for one school – £1450

The Silver Arts Award Adviser fee reflects the increased number of guided learning hours young people need to experience. We are prepared to recruit a separate Arts Award Adviser to each school though you may express interest in working with more than one school if you have capacity.

How to apply:
Please see further details on how to apply here.

Deadline to apply: Tuesday 3 September 2019, 17.00

Interviews: you need to be available during the week beginning Monday 9 September 2019 – we will contact you by Friday 5 September midday (latest) to arrange date and time for this.

Thank you for your interest.