Festival of Hope Co-ordinators, Curious Minds

Festival of Hope Co-ordinators, Curious Minds

Curious Minds is seeking 5 Festival of Hope Co-ordinators to lead young people to produce a Festival of Hope, as part of its Hope Streets programme.

The Festival of Hope will take place in 5 locations across the North West in June 2020. In each location a Festival of Hope Co-ordinator will lead a group of local people aged 11–25 through the process of creating their own Festival of Hope. They will be supported to innovatively find, identify, uncover, gather, interpret and re-present the heritage of their local Hope Street and what hope means and has meant to their area.

Although employed directly by Curious Minds, the Festival of Hope Co-ordinators will be supported, managed and covened through Blaze Arts.

A fee of £9,600 is available for your time and all personal travel expenses, equating to approximately 64 days over the course of a year. The contracts will commence in August or September 2019, with the Festivals of Hope taking place in June 2020. Evaluation of the festivals will be completed by the end of July 2020.

For more information, visit: https://curiousminds.org.uk/about/vacancies/