Education and Learning Manager, The Met

Education and Learning Manager, The Met

We are seeking an Education and Learning Manager to join our staff team.  We are passionate about the power of art to transform communities and society, and our focus is to develop artists to ensure their success. We are seeking a new team member who will share our passion and commitment and have the knowledge and experience to support the organisation.

The focus of the role will be to develop new and existing workshops at The Met, Edwin Street Creative Hub and our Festivals to ensure our workshops achieve the maximum benefit in the community. This will include ensuring that younger groups are able to complete Arts Award to gain a qualification as well as benefitting from attending the workshop with peers. The work would build on feedback from pilot projects to develop projects to suit the groups.

This is a two year funded role by the Oglesby Foundation and reports against the following objectives

  1. Developing networks to ensure children and adults with disabilities learn life skills for a more fulfilling life
  2. Design and potentially deliver (where appropriate) relevant workshops which reflect the community needs
  3. Reduce impact on local health services by connecting and supporting groups reducing isolation in individuals

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