Culture Manager, Creative Europe Desk UK, British Council

Culture Manager, Creative Europe Desk UK, British Council

The successful applicant’s role will entail providing specialist support to English organisations which are looking at applying to the Creative Europe’s Culture sub-programme for funding to develop their European and international work and networks.

Some of the main accountabilities include:

  • Raise awareness of the opportunities available to English arts, cultural and creative sector organisations through Creative Europe. Provide both conceptual and practical guidance on how UK organisations can engage with, and technical assistance on how to apply to the EU Creative Europe programme.
  • To design and deliver an engaging and useful programme of events, which will give information and support on Creative Europe Culture opportunities to sector organisations.
  • Deliver on an ambitious Operational Plan – an annual delivery plan for the information and advice provision on the Culture sub-programme in England – which deepens the CED UK-wide work programme
  • To collaborate effectively with Arts Council England colleagues, and British Council art form specialists, to ensure Creative Europe Culture opportunities are widely shared across a diverse range of cultural organisations across English geographies.


What we require of the successful candidate:

  • Experience of European cooperation and funding programmes
  • A good, wide knowledge of English cultural and creative sectors and knowledge of current practice and sector funding dynamics
  • Knowledge of assessment and/or evaluation and/or grant development
  • Knowledge of assessing and reporting on applications to funding programmes.
  • A track record in project management
  • Experience planning and managing a budget
  • The ability to present clearly to a variety of different audiences.

Please visit the following link to apply :