Creative Production Specialist – Manchester Central Library, Manchester City Council

An exciting tender opportunity to work with Manchester’s Libraries developing and expanding our innovative arts and cultural programme – Library Live. Following a successful application to Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts (libraries), Manchester City Council is seeking tenders from creative production specialists with the expertise and experience to take Library Live to the next stage.

Specialist support is sought to further develop the Library Live programme at Manchester’s Central Library and, in particular, to achieve the following goals:
• Establish higher profile, new arts & library co-commission and producing partnerships, including supporting resource procurement ;
• Broaden the art forms presented in the Library Live programme;
• Contribute to the development of the national Library Universal Culture Offer and continue to position Manchester at the forefront of this work;
• Work with the Central Library and MCC Facilities Management teams to ensure a programme that is quality, vibrant and deliverable within our production context.

See also Creative Production Specialist tender posting for 3 of the city’s branch libraries.

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