Creative Documentary Filmmaker, Mirador

Creative Documentary Filmmaker, Mirador

  • 5th January 2018
  • Part time
  • Paid (£30k-40k pro rata)
  • George Harris

The commission is for a documentary filmmaker who is passionate and excited about engaging in an investigation of the content of the Elizabeth Roberts Working Cass Oral History Archive and locations – Preston, Lancaster & Barrow – where the testimonies in the archive were recorded, as part of the process in making their work. Our own research and knowledge of the locations and archive has identified some key themes as ideal for film makers to deliver site/community specific/responsive work. Without seeking to be unduly prescriptive about the work itself our ambitions are that it should be – original, highly accessible, encourage participation and be enjoyable.

The Key Aims of the documentary film are:

  • To collaborate with Mirador and the creative engagement officer on the project to reveal local social heritage through a creative documentary film form.
  • To explore the human aspect of the Elizabeth Roberts archive by working with several down-to-earth contributors to respond to a few themes highlighted within the archive.
  • To create a character driven story through interviews with families, couples, women and men, possibly within locations which are geographically and thematically anchored to the Elizabeth Roberts archive.
  • To make the film conversational, personable and humorous in tone with a heart-warming feeling.
  • To raise awareness of the archive in an innovative way to provide it with exposure via a modern-day platform for people to engage with and serve as an entry point and signpost to the archive.

One of the ambitions that we hold for the film is for it to act as a vehicle for presenting how voices of the past may intersect and exist in dialogue with modern existence.

If you are interested in this commission, please submit a CV which provides evidence of undertaking similar creative documentary work and details of 2 relevant referees; we would also require you to have DBS Clearance. Please send this information to George Harris:

Interview date: January 17

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