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Creative Community Producer and Connectors, Barra Culture: Arts Council Creative People and Places

We are looking for brilliant people who like making exciting and creative things happen and supporting people to develop with ideas, skills and creativity.

We have envisioned recruiting one Creative Communities Producer and one or two Creative Communities Connectors, but we want to emphasise that we want to work with the right people, so the roles, titles and terms of employment are open for discussion through the recruitment process. If you’re interested and ready for the challenge of an exciting new role in the Barrow area, get in touch!

The Producer may have had more relevant and longer experience in this work and they will manage and work alongside the Connectors – who may have worked in a different area or are starting out in community arts and culture. All of us work directly with communities and look after different areas of the programme’s activities.

You will be involved in the delivery and promotion of artistic engagement events in under-reached communities through a model of community-led commissioning and programming. You will enjoy playing a pivotal role as part of a creative community arts development team, bringing an understanding of, and empathy with, the needs of the communities and artists engaged in this long-term place-based and people-centred programme.

You will need to evidence good communication skills that can be applied within a community context to engage and work with people from very different backgrounds as well as those working with them, including professionals in healthcare, education, local government, business and tourism.

You may have experience of: artistic practices and projects (doing the art yourself or working with artists) community work education youth work other amazing things we haven’t listed here.

Details here:

Producer Salary Range: £24,500-27,500 Connector Salary Range – £21,500-24,500