Creative Commission Call-out (Our Place in the World), The Culture Co-op (Lancaster District Cultural Education Partnership)

Creative Commission Call-out (Our Place in the World), The Culture Co-op (Lancaster District Cultural Education Partnership)

Artist Brief

The Culture Co-op are seeking proposals from Lancashire and South Lakes based independent artists and small organisations/ collectives not in receipt of regular funding, to produce four creative projects, resources and outputs primarily aimed at young people aged 13-19 years (and young people up to the age of 25 with a disability) across the Lancaster district.

Commissioning Outcomes:

  • Develop a new socially and artistically accessible product, resource or participatory project that engages young people with limited previous engagement in the arts
  • Create an artistic output that engages and connects meaningfully with young people in a safe way
  • Provide a platform to validate and celebrate young people’s lived experiences and voice
  • Cultivate a conduit for young people to connect with their peers through virtual, digital and offline methodologies
  • Connect disparate young people across distances, reducing isolation and improving mental health
  • Meet Arts Council England’s Quality Principles 

Successful applicants will receive a budget of £2,000 and 5-hours’ worth of support/ mentoring.

We will accept proposals in a number of forms; written, dictated, filmed etc… however please keep everything to a maximum of four pages of A4 or 4 minutes of audio/ film.

What we want to see/ hear in your proposal;

  • A description of your work, areas of expertise (we welcome links to your work) and experience of working with young people 13-19 (up to 25 with a disability)
  • A detailed description of your idea and proposed timeline of activity
  • A description of how you will go about engaging young people from the Lancaster district
  • List of collaborators and partners and how they will support your project idea
  • A description of the impact and positive changes your project will enable and how you will record these outcomes
  • A detailed indicative budget for how you will spend the £2,000 and details of any cash match funding and/ or in-kind support (using our budget template)
  • A statement of how you will ensure your work is inclusive and accessible

Submission deadline: Friday 26th June 2020, 12pm

Go to the LYC website for application materials.