Call for Expressions of Interest from Photographers: Culture Shifts, Open Eye

Deadline: Monday 20 June 2016


The total Photographers Fees available for Culture Shifts projects currently being recruited is £11,600, plus personal expenses of £1,590. Individual project fees range from £3,000 to £2,000, with compatible personal expenses allowances.

Please submit a letter of interest, no more than 2 sides of A4, explaining why you are interested in Culture Shifts, describing your interest in socially engaged practice, and listing which project/s you wish to take part in, along with a CV and email to by Monday June 20th.

Unfortunately we are not able to provide feedback on all expressions of interest, but we will contact, by June 27th, photographers we have short-listed to arrange interviews.

Culture Shifts is a process-led social engagement photography project delivered by partners based in each of the Liverpool City Region local authority areas. The programme will involve:


In 2016:
· Photographer/s-in-Residence Programme – photographer/s working with a specific community group in each area to create photo stories that are relevant to that community.

· The design and construction of a digital platform developed by Red Ninja to showcase photo stories made during 2016.

· A training programme led by Redeye Photography Network for key community activists or ‘animators’ to share skills in creating photo stories.

· A sharing lab for participant learning between projects.
In 2017:
· The launch of the Photostories digital platform.

· 6 exhibitions in public galleries – 1 in each local authority area – which may include works from other areas.

· Photostories brochures.

· A culminating exhibition at Open Eye Gallery with selected works from each area.

The Culture Shifts lead partners include Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool and key arts development staff from Sefton, Knowsley, Halton, the Wirral and St Helen’s borough council’s and Heart of Glass (Creative People and Places) in St Helens.

Culture Shifts exhibition venues include: The Atkinson (Sefton), Kirkby Art Gallery (Knowsley), The Brindley (Halton), The Williamson (Wirral), Open Eye Gallery (Liverpool) and World of Glass (St Helens).

The programme will be supported by a Culture Shifts Creative Producer, as well as a management and marketing team drawn from lead partners and delivery teams specific to each project.

Culture Shifts’ is informed by research into ‘identity’ and how people currently share interests, observations and key moments using photographs on social media. It refers to changing notions of ‘community’ in the digital age – recognising that we are as familiar with communities united by interests as those united by geography, class or cultural heritage. By exploring the creation and editing of photo stories / collections through the Culture Shifts programme we hope to better reflect the diverse ‘identities’ of people in Liverpool City Region.

The Culture Shifts programme is keen to work with the best photographer/s interested in exploring the power of photography with a diverse range of people, developing photo stories that are meaningful to them and creatively exciting.

We recognise that photographers will have established different processes for engaging with communities, which may range from the co-authoring of the projects (including creating work in dialogue with communities), and / or supporting participants in creating photo stories themselves and supporting the editing process – or a mixture of all of these. We also expect the photographer will work with the curator and participants to discuss selection of their work for physical and digital exhibition.

There are a number of photography collections based in participating venues – (including Open Eye Gallery’s archive of 1,600 photographs including works by many significant photographers) which may be of interest to photographers as material.

The Culture Shifts management group is keen to ensure the photographers practice is well supported through the programme, evaluation and marketing.

The photographers fee allows for approximately half time spent in development / thinking time and half time engagement with the participants/communities. It is costed at an indicative rate of £200-250 per day, negotiable. There is a fixed personal / travel expenses allocation per project.

Call for Expressions of Interest from Photographers, or artists using photography, on 1 or more of the following projects:

· Culture Shifts – Sefton

Fee: £3,000, Expenses: £450

Sefton invites a photographer to work with young people, supported by professionals working with youth groups, and arts professionals from the local authority.

The arts team work out of the Atkinson Museum and Gallery, which has rich collections, which may be of interest to the photographer.

Photo stories made from this project will be shown at the Atkinson in 2017 as well as a selection showing on the digital platform and at the culminating exhibition at Open Eye Gallery.

· Culture Shifts – Knowsley

Fee: £2,000, Expenses: £250

Knowsley invites a photographer to work with the local residents of Northwood, a community in Kirby. The photographer will be supported by Knowsley B.C. arts team plus professionals working together to support a broader community engagement project called ‘The Northwood Big Local Project”.

The arts team work across two arts venues, including the Kirby Gallery where the resulting photo stories will be exhibited in 2017, as well as a selection showcasing on the digital platform and in the culminating exhibition at Open Eye Gallery.

· Culture Shifts – Wirral

Fee: £2,000, Expenses: £250

The Wirral invites a photographer to work with two groups, focusing on women, reflecting the differing communities living within the Borough. The photographer will be supported by Wirral Museum Service.

The work that results from this project will be shown in 2017 at the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, Birkenhead, possibly alongside artefacts and paintings related to the subject from the Museums’ collections, as well as on the Culture Shifts digital platform and at the culminating Culture Shifts exhibition at Open Eye Gallery.
· Culture Shifts – Halton

Fee: £2,600, Expenses: £390

2016: The Photographer will be working with people facing health challenges. The two key areas identified by Halton Clinical Commissioning group are people living with respiratory and cardiac conditions, and we welcome innovative approaches to exploring these issues. The photographer and participants will be supported by Halton B.C. Arts Development Officer and Halton Clinical Commissioning group. Local resources that are also available to explore include the Catalyst Museum and ICI photographic archive.

A selection of photo stories produced will be shown in The Brindley Arts Centre gallery, as well as on the Culture Shifts digital platform and at a culminating exhibition at Open Eye Gallery.

· Culture Shifts – Liverpool, Social Housing

Fee: £2,000 Expenses: £250

Open Eye Gallery is pleased to invite interest from photographers interested in working in domestic settings.

The photographer will be invited to work with people living in social housing in Liverpool with the expectation that some work made during the collaboration will be showcased in situ, as well as working with participants to make a selection of photo stories for the Digital Platform and the Culture Shifts culminating exhibition at Open Eye Gallery.

Three other Culture Shifts residencies will be part of this programme but have not gone to open recruitment, including:

Culture Shifts – Liverpool, People Living with Dementia

Working with Open Eye Gallery, photographer Tadhg Devlin has begun a collaboration with NHS MerseyCare and people living with dementia which includes developing a newspaper publication and a planned public event with discussions and exhibitions which will take place in the autumn 2016.

Photo stories from this project will also feature on the Culture Shifts digital platform and the culminating Culture shifts Local exhibition at Open Eye Gallery.

Culture Shifts – Liverpool, Culture Shifts Global

Open Eye Gallery is inviting a photographer from China to work in the city in the autumn 2016 and to make work which will be exhibited at Open Eye Gallery in a Culture Shifts Global exhibition in spring 2017, as well as photo stories from this project will also feature on the Culture Shifts digital platform and the culminating Culture shifts Local exhibition at Open Eye Gallery, autumn 2017.

Culture Shifts – St Helens

Culture Shifts St Helens brings together a partnership of Heart of Glass, St Helens B.C. and The World of Glass in the commissioning of photographer Stephen King. King will work with men and women from across St Helens that have spent their working lives at Alexandra Park, the former Headquarters of Pilkington’s Glass. This new body of work will capture their personal stories and experiences, as well as the curious and iconic landmark site itself to create a social history of this significant era of St Helens past, its present and future.

The local exhibition partner for the photo stories will be The World of Glass, and a selection will also be shown via the digital platform and at the culmination Culture Shifts exhibition at Open Eye Gallery.

Open Eye