Bar Manager, Floral Pavilion Theatre and Conference Centre

The Bar Manager is responsible for the commercial success of the bar. The role requires strong management along with strong commercial and practical skills. The Bar Manager must constantly adapt to ensure that their bar is profitable, pleasant and safe and that it is run in accordance with the law and ethical guidelines. The venue must be licensed by the local authority, and the Bar Manager must also hold a personal license and be the main name on the premises license.

Key Tasks include:
The delivery of a high quality visitor experience and the maximisation of income
To ensure all stock is ordered and delivered on time to be able to provide a continual service
To provide all bar services for events to promote the high standards of deliver for our customers
To provide reports and information to the venue management team on the delivery and progress of the bar and it activity
To act as Duty Manager and take responsibility for the venue and the people within it during an event

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