Artist/Creative Practitioner – two roles, People’s History Museum

As part of our 2018 Represent! programme we are looking for artists / creative practitioners to help develop and deliver two schools projects that will allow two very different school groups to explore what ‘representation’ means to them. An output of this project will be a final piece to be displayed in the Represent! exhibition.

To find out more about these opportunities please click on the links below:

Falinge Park High School project

Falinge Park sees how hard it is for young people to reconcile their history and the successes that were built through families indigenous to the area and those who are now third or fourth generation immigrants. There is a need to develop a shared history and look forward to creating a new, positive history.

Through this project they aim to be proactive in developing and promoting a harmonious environment and create a sense of shared history and culture between the different groups who live side by side and attend their school.

Represent! Falinge Park project brief

Represent! Falinge Park application form

Manchester Secondary PRU project

Manchester Secondary PRU is a pupil referral unit that works with young people who have experienced real difficulties in mainstream high schools. As well as teaching the core curriculum they are committed to providing a creative programme that helps pupils feel a part of their community. The students have special educational needs, specifically in social, educational and mental health.

The students have a keen interest in digital media. A journalism and/or photography focus would be of interest, however this is not compulsory.

Represent! Manchester Secondary PRU project brief

Represent! Manchester PRU application form

Each project fee: £3,600 includes: a minimum of five days delivery, preparation, research, evaluation and travel costs within Greater Manchester.