Aerial Artist, The Black-E

The Black-E, Great Georges Cultural Community Project is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary this year with the commencement of the celebrations being held on 18th May LightNight 2018, when we hosted the evening with an Aerial performance and performances from both our young Circus and Gymnastics Troops and a Circus based workshop.

The Black-E has a history of successful connections with Circus based Artist’s and Companies including the successful contemporary Circus, NoFit State whom we have developed excellent relationships over the years of promoting Circus.

We are currently seeking an Aerial Artist on a weekly basis to join our young person’s Circus Class for 3 hours on a Tuesday.  We are particularly interested in a female teacher to balance our current male Ground Based Circus Leader however male applicants will be equally well received.

We can offer a fee of £75.00 per 3 hour session and the benefits of our wonderful building which is a perfect space for Aerial work with the of our equipment and space for rehearsals.

Our Circus Class is made up of a great group of committed young people aged 5 – 18 years which is split with the final hour for the older group.

We believe the young people receive many benefits  from the class on a social level and the gift of being encouraged to develop and master the circus skills themselves and a sense of belonging and The Black-E provide these classes for free.


We would like to invite applicants whom would like the opportunity to Join our Circus and who would be an asset to our young Circus group and whom will help us to promote Circus in Liverpool.

Interested applicants can apply by send an email to Lynda at stating your interest and you skill based aerial experience and contact details.

Deadline: Ongoing