David Lloyd Interviews Kerry Morrison

Liverpool Biennial – International Festival of Contemporary Art – What We Do – Urbanism 2009 – Commentary.

An interesting article on the Biennial website..

A Hidden Place

We spend the day with environmental artist Kerry Morrison, one of six artists currently engaging the waterside communities of Bootle and Litherland, as she reveals the city we thought we’d lost…

Call up a Google map of your nearest city. Switch to satellite view and pull out. Look closer and you’ll see, etched in its matrix of motorway and rail track, canal and ring road, the city’s battle scars and stretch marks.

Over successive generations, many of our great industrial cities’ arteries have become bypassed, silted up, and forgotten. But, for the artists commissioned to explore the Leeds Liverpool canal as it cuts through the communities of South Sefton and North Liverpool, the view from the ground is far more colourful, and complex, than any overhead snapshot could ever reveal. Seems even Google can’t know everything.

By decamping to the banks of the canal, the artists are contributing to a groundbreaking project.  Liverpool Biennial has devised a range of interventions, projects and installations  exploring the regenerative potential of the canal, using art as a catalyst.