FRIDAY 27 May 2011, 18.00. ”Mayday’ – Illustration Exhibition by Bradd Winfield at the International Gallery, Slater St.

Exhibition: 27 May – 3 June 2011

The Mayday Exhibition is a celebration of failure; a tongue in cheek look the wrong way, through the cracked lens of a second hand telescope, back in time to the human subconscious and all its detritus.

It`s an inquisitive poke with a stick at the overlooked,  a fondle with the sticky fingers of nostalgia and the cautious sniff of surreal dark humour.

What people never said about Bradd’s work.

“There’s a hidden agenda in his work, an autobiographical
crossword, waiting to be deciphered, only for you to
discover its all 0’s and 1’s. ”

“As playful and unpredictable as a monkey on a beach with
a metal detector and its dial set to “bananas”

“This man needs to have serious statements made about him,
then put into quotation marks”.

…see for yourself at