I went to the Bluecoat to see what artist in residence Wang Chu Yu was up to but couldn’t find him and neither could any of the staff, he’s gone awol. A search party has been dispatched with a promise to keep me informed.
So, meanwhile, I went to John Moores University School of Art at 68 Hope St. Had to report to reception to be ‘buzzed through’ into the gallery. Here is a solo exhibition by Visiting Fellow Art Rosenbaum and a multi-talented fellow he is too. He’s a Professor of Fine Arts at Georgia University, a painter, muralist, illustrator and performer of traditional American Folk music, cutting CDs of banjo/vocals.

Its good to have a break from all the conceptual and abstract art to see a room full of figurative stuff, nearly all in charcoal and/or black & red conte, quite a few portraits. Only one of his oils – the self-portrait shown above but there’s a couple of display cases with small prints of his colourful large oils, would have been nice to see them for real. Finishes on 12th Nov – closed at weekends.