I started at FACT in the afternoon. In the Media Lounge there’s a very popular project by Cory Arcangel called Infinite Fill Zone. You can stand in front of a camera with a ‘totally rad’ backdrop and perform whatever you want (within reason) and you get to keep the video, for free!! There’s even costumes for you to use. Needless to say, I didn’t have the guts to take part.

In Gallery1 at FACT there’s a ten screen video installation by Yang Fudong with music by Jing Wang which is lovely and in Gallery2 there’s part of Jill Magid’s project where she was filmed by CCTV cameras as she walked round the city centre (you can see the rest of this at the Tate). I didn’t like the way this flickered quickly through still shots, it hurt my eyes. Mind you don’t miss the small room with the TV screen in the corner.

Then just down the road is the Open Eye gallery, here is The Mersey Valley Case by Francesco Jodice who investigated a series of UFO sightings on the rural fringes of the Mersey Valley. Some nice photographs but otherwise didn’t hold my interest, I’ll probably return though to watch the film when I have more time.

Then its a looong walk over to the Independent District in Parliament St/Jamaica St, most people seem to be using Taxis to get here. There are a lot of exhibitions in this area, artists were still putting the finishing touches to some works so I just had a quick look round and will be back this evening. Had a look at Dave White’s Cars in the Garage (appropriately) in Jordan St. (next rd down from New Bird St.)

Also the Caravan Gallery is parked in this area (at present anyway, I suppose it might move on)

A long walk back home now and I’m shattered but don’t worry, your intrepid blogger will be out on the road again this evening.