I spent yesterday afternoon in Jump Ship Rat gallery but whilst waiting for the wrestling to start I had another look in the Novas building and spotted the remains of Rebecca Backhouse’s ‘Trace’ figures looking quite battered after being dragged round the streets.


This was the second live webcast from SPLICE but the live webstreaming wasn’t working so the only way to see it was to be there. This featured the ‘Graduates 04’ artists and others including afoundation people discussing things like the support independent artists have had, the current art scene in Liverpool and what happens next. Perhaps they should have also debated the merits of holding a live debate in the same room as a live wrestling tournament! Maybe they did but it was drowned out by the sickening thuds of huge wrestlers being thrown onto the canvas.

Moth Man meets his Match

This picture isn’t actually MothMan, he buzzed around so fast my pictures are just a blur. The long-awaited event was quite a success, several GPW wrestlers put on a good show in front of a lively audience many of whom would not normally venture into an art gallery. I’m afraid I couldn’t watch more than a few seconds at a time, my already nervous state was greatly increased when I noticed the huge ceiling beams were only a few centimetres above the fighters heads! But apparently not too much blood was spilled. I don’t even know if MothMan won his bout or who his opponent was but I recorded a short mpeg vid of the start of the fight which you can download (its 6mb so might take a while) mothman.mpg