I looked on as four

I looked on as four Tate visitors played the SuperCurator game this afternoon. This was created by Navin Rawanchaikul and takes up most of one of the rooms. I like the whole thing even without the game-playing
To quote…”This game is devised on the basis of Rawanchaikul’s own experiences. Situations set up for the player include cultural misunderstandings and attempts to influence an artist’s work. The player’s decisions determine whether he or she can ‘make it’ and become a successful international curator. The game is also a competition and a league table will be displayed throughout the exhibition.”
The game itself looks similar to monopoly, a member of staff acts as banker and helper. The winner gets a smart trophy and their picture is painted into the large mural on one of the walls. all good fun, there are 6 games a week scheduled so if you’re interested call 707 6719 to book.