I left the ‘Bracket THIS’ viewing early on Friday and walked across to the Walker, dodging spent fireworks on the way. What goes up, comes down and some of those still smouldering rocket remains are painful when they land a direct hit on my unprotected bonce. Anyway, the Walker’s open till 21.00 on Fridays now and they were having a ‘Singles Night’ but that’s not why I was there, honest, I wanted to see the release of the final batch of Dorrie’s Urban Angel balloons but there was no sign of them and I went away cursing these disorganised artists. But it turned out they’d been sent round the back of the building and I’d missed them by just a few minutes. One of the Angels has just been found in Kent, do have a look at the messages people have sent in, they’re really nice.


at the Kif is the 3rd exhibition by ‘The Long Journey Home’ group of local artists and I went to the viewing there after leaving the Walker. There are over 20 artists involved so, again, the walls are crammed with pictures too many to mention. Not sure about the exhibition title, perhaps the art is ‘something quite precocious’ ?