I don’t object to the Tate charging for their special exhibitions and I’m a member so I don’t have to pay, I get more than my money’s worth from my annual subscription. But I really wasn’t expecting them to charge for the biennial exhibitions and neither, it seems, is anyone else as ones enjoyment of the first room is spoiled by the sight of the ‘orange-shirts’ continually dragging people back to the till and loudly proclaiming that you have to buy a ticket. Not the staff’s fault of course, just doing their job.
I don’t know of any other venue that’s charging except perhaps the Williamson Tunnels but thats not normally a gallery. Surely for 10 weeks every 2 years they can forego the £4 charge. I guess that the Tate Galleries have to be self-financing but they were founded by Henry Tate who made his huge fortune locally with his Tate & Lyle sugar company which, of course, was a by-product of the slave trade (before Tate’s time to be fair) and now rots the nations teeth.
Coincidentally, Tate & Lyle today announced that annual profits could exceed expectations (of a mere £207 million). Ok rant over. You can read more about Henry Tate etc. at
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