I called here yesterday afternoon. The Museum MAN director, Adam Nankervis, actually lives here and the walls of his rooms, even the bathroom, are covered in artworks by artists from all over the world. Currently every centimetre of the kitchen walls and cupboard doors are covered with pages from medical books showing pictures of diseased parts of the human body. This is the work of Frank Shaepel and he was there to explain that if you can manage to ignore what they really are the images can look quite beautiful, the eyes can look like planets or universes.

There’s also works in the basement which you enter through a very small doorway under the stairs, its all very gloomy and spooky. There’s a bed of nails, peep-holes in the walls and an area where Jill Rock does performance art involving readings from favourite books and other stuff. I recommend it, there’s a good mix of art and is worth visiting just for the quirky fun of it all.
Press the bell for Flat 1 at 30 Falkner St, Tues-Sun 2-7 pm. Phone 0789 1695577 afoundation Link