Uniform catch Superlambanana


Uniform catch Superlambanana

Liverpool design consultancy Uniform has just unveiled its latest catch, a rather rebellious new member of their team.

Helping the city to celebrate an iconic piece of its art, Uniform has captured its very own Superlambanana, which currently resides in its cage at Art House Square in the heart of Liverpool’s creative quarter, for all to see, feed, question and ponder.

The animal will remain there for 10 weeks and updates on its movements can be found at www.thegreatsuperlambanana.typepad.com which will be updated regularly over the course of the 10 week parade!

Uniform wanted to bring the iconic superlambanana to life, and this piece certainly does that. Senior Designer Benji Holroyd comments, ‘It was hard work tracking down this rare and sometimes unpredictable animal, but now it is caged and ready for all to see and, if you’re brave enough pop down and say hello.


See the caged animal at Art House Square, and in its wild habitat at www.thegreatsuperlambanana.typepad.com.