Superlambananas Escapes!

Superlambanana-Escapes.jpgA Superlambanana originally captured by creative consultancy Uniform and caged on Arthouse Square for all to see and ponder, has managed the unthinkable and escaped.

A security check at 8am on Wednesday 23rd July revealed that the animal had forced the steel bars open and sneaked gingerly out of the space while no-one was looking. It is not known why the animal wanted to escape, having previously played up to the crowds that have been to see her.

No sightings have been made as of yet however the Uniform team is keen to make sure the animal is located ASAP for her own safety as well as others.

Posters and flyers to aid a quick recapture will be distributed throughout the city over the next two days.
Anyone with any information on The Great Superlambanana is requested to advise us via The Great Superlambanana blog at