Help Find the Kidnapped Superlambanana


As you might have seen in the press Maghull Developments Superlambanana has been kidnapped!

Help us find the little bleater!

Maghull have been in contact with the press, with the firm’s Jonathan Sealey commenting: “I couldn’t believe it. Our Superlambananas only arrived on Friday.

“It’s really annoying as it looked superb and was already starting to attract real interest from passers-by and tourists. People were posing for photos with it all day on Friday.”


He continued: “We suspect it’s a student prank and are half expecting to receive a ransom note.

“If anyone has seen a 5ft Superlambanana in black and wearing a high-visibility Maghull Developments safety jacket, we’d be grateful if they got in touch.”

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the lost lamb please contact Maghull on 0151-702 5656.

And remember Superlambanana kidnappings like this don’t happen very often, so please, don’t have nightmares.

Maghull had a few of these SLBs so there’s still a couple outside their building.