Go Superlambanana – Special Offer to 08businessconnect members

Go Superlambananas with this pre-Christmas exclusive offer for 08businessconnect members!

From late June to early September, up to 100 unique and specially commissioned Superlambananas will be placed around Liverpool’s streets, high profile buildings and public spaces creating a trail around the city and its neighbourhoods for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. The two metre tall sculptures will be transformed into individual and dazzling artworks by local artists, celebrities and members of the community.

Integral to the success and legacy of Go Superlambananas is the support and creativity of local businesses. We value your participation and invite you to get involved in this inspirational and thought provoking event that will not only deliver tangible corporate benefits but will celebrate the spirit and rich diversity which is at the very heart of the region.

Normally, a Superlambanana is £5,000 + VAT – but if you sign up before 25 December, Wild in Art is offering a 10% discount. The standard package includes a choice of designs from the artists’ portfolio and associated marketing and public relations benefits. If you prefer to create your own Superlambanana, the price is £4,400 +VAT. A further discount is available for companies with less than 10 employees or annual turnover of less than £500,000.

Be inspired, be creative and be part of the 2008 celebrations! Be a part of this high profile event and promote Liverpool as an exciting, cultural and vibrant place to visit, live and work.

To find out more, please contact Sam Morris, Sponsorship and Marketing
M: 07967 212957 E: sam@wildinart.co.uk and quote 08businessconnect.com for your exclusive discount.