Go Superlambanana – Artist Reception


A huge crowd of artists packed into Static last night to get the latest update on the Go Superlambananas project.

There were speeches from Phil Redmond and Charlie from the organisers Wild In Art who quite rightly apologised for using phrases like ‘thinking outside the box’ whilst getting across the point that they do want local creative people to come up with lots of different ideas for the SLBs.

Alex Corina brought his Rocking Lamb Banana along which is really cool and Laurence Payot poured paint all over two of the smaller lambs to produce a cute pair of rainbow-style SLBs.

Artists have until Friday February 22 2008 to submit designs.
Full details on the new website: www.gosuperlambananas.co.uk

slb-reception-2.jpg slb-reception-3.jpg