Phil Redmond’s Tale of Patrick The Penguin. Part 1

penguin-readingIf you, or your children, are penguin fanatics you may like to read the first episode of Phil Redmond’s Tale of Patrick the Penguin.

Its in the Echo.

The Ice is Gone

Patrick woke. Like he did every day. With ice-head hair. He polished a bit of ice with his flipper and made sure his tuft was just right. No point being a Rockhoper if you didn’t make the best of your tuft, he thought to himself, as he yawned and turned to face another day. White.

Every day. The others would all beak of it being, white. White. Or whiter than yesterday. Perhaps, white-ish. Or, occasionally, grey-ish, Then everyone would set off to the edge of the ice cap and a dive for fish. Every day…

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