Go Penguins Sale Raises £40k for Charity


This should be my final post on the subject of penguins. We really enjoyed our involvement with the Go Penguin project. It was great to sponsor our own penguin, Splashy, which was created by Julie Dodd after we ran a design competition. Splashy brightened up the otherwise dull area by the suitcase sculpture on Hope Street for 10 weeks and we were sad to see her leave. We hope she’s gone to a good home after being sold for £1600 at the auction.

It was also great to see so many artists being commissioned, taking part so enthusiastically and producing some cool designs beautifully painted.

Via liverpool.gov.uk

Penguin boost for charity

Liverpool’s beloved penguins have finally waddled away from the city, leaving behind a £40,000 legacy for charity and delighting 4,000 people at the penguin preview at St George’s Hall.


Visitor figures have also just been released for the event, revealing over 500,000 people followed the penguin trail over the seven weeks.

People from all over took part in the auction, which will now see the penguins showcasing the North West’s artists from Edinburgh to London.

Sally Ann Wilkinson, Director of Wild in Art said: “Go Penguins has been simply incredible – from the thousands of people who loved, hugged and photographed the penguins and the 45,000 schoolchildren who took part, to our successful bidders who will now be able to enjoy these beautiful works of art for many years to come.

”We are indebted to the people of the region for the way the event has been received and supported and are proud to be part of the legacy the event will leave behind.”

People came from as far away as Dublin to see the penguins one last time at St George’s. The comments book from the preview was brimming with praise for the event:

“What a fantastic display of art that brings everyone together. Well done Go Penguins”

“I only wish they could have stayed longer.”

“An excellent creative medium to highlight the quality of talent in our city.”

“Truly magnificent – exquisite!”

Go Penguins was originally a commission by Liverpool City Council as the finale to their Year of the Environment and acted as the key event to the Winter’s Trail programme with messages  about climate change playing a key part in the event.

The nominated charities for the penguin auction are:

The Liverpool Lord Mayors Appeal charities which are:
Alder Hey Imagine Appeal
Radio City’s Cash for Kids
Henshaw’s Society for Blind People
Global Hope
Liverpool Retired Carters’  Working Horse Monument Fund
Other charities who will benefit include:
Liverpool Unites