From the Biennial site… Art

From the Biennial site…

Art alerts! Stay switched on…24 hours a day
Receive invites to Independent district parties, live art and private views
Text the word PARTY to 80151
Vote by TEXT for your favourite artist and on the city’s BIG CULTURAL ISSUES
All proceeds to arts education. Texts cost 25p + standard network charge – max 4
art alerts per week during the festival.
No charge to cancel your subscription at any time – Text QUIT to 80151
Available on all networks. Terms and conditions apply:

So, of course, I did. I’m a sucker for these things. Got a txt back to say…

“You are now switched ON for 24hr underground culture alerts”

oo-er. Hope they don’t txt me at 3.00 am though, I’m not that much of a party person.