Paul Francis

Paul Francis




Paul R Francis is an artist from Liverpool. He is new to the world of art, with no background in the subject, and hopes to make an impact with his developing styles.

His work takes elements of pop culture, social commentary, stereotyping, advertising, music, satire, cinema, pop art, impressionism, fact, fiction, the past, the future and the imagination and combines them to create bold, contemporary images. He says,

‘‘I have taken reference points from all of the mavericks in popular culture over the last 100 or so years and used these perspectives to formulate a strategy, incorporating the fact that if you do not understand the past, in whatever your chosen field, you will be condemned to repeat it. ’’


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Black as Fuck
Stay Tuned...More After The Break
Killing you dont make the love go away
Killed off by the non swimmers
I Never Said That I Loved You

Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances