‘Winter Sparks’ Fly – Kayleigh Davies visits FACT

The jubilant aspect of the evening was not lost upon guests, as various universities finished for Christmas this week and many jobs were beginning to wind down for the festivities. In the air as we entered FACT was an excitement amongst the crowd – either it was the free honey or elderflower beer, or simply the eagerness to see the exhibition; what comes next after the Biennial? As successful and enjoyable as the Liverpool Biennial 2012 was, it is nice to hear the voices of the galleries speak for themselves in between festivals.

Entertained by artist performances including three spinning cameras portraying their vision across the back wall of the foyer, visually interesting in their own bounce and twists as they worked – the evening was sure to be different from the norm as we have grown to expect and enjoy at FACT. The Atrium showcases Wilberforces (2012) by Peter Bosch and Simone Simons,

The downstairs gallery hosted Evolving Spark Network (2012)by Edwin van der Heide, an experience in itself as much as an artwork. The sound effects of the work were as interesting as the visual effect in the exhibition space, as we are torn between distinctions of rain on the window, clapping sounds, and electric sparks alongside flashing sequences that lit the space with enthusiasm. The exhibition crosses the boundary towards performance easily and yet remains interactive, closely linked and blending well with its upstairs components.

Gallery 2 holds a sensory experience for all to share as electric veins pulse to the presence of their audience, stunning in visual effect and interactive in the style we have grown to love at FACT exhibitions. Impacts (2012) by Alexandre Burton ties in effortlessly with the downstairs piece and smoothly indicates the links between art and science, on their own separate pathways to discovery.

A series of four images that closely analysed the relationship between art and science once more stand proud on the upstairs wall, Diffusion (2011) by Dakusha Patel is quirky and vibrant in its microscopic patterns. Inspiring to viewers, Patel is on display due to winning an open call for artists exploring the overall themes of the exhibition.

A gorgeous start to the new artistic year.